Linex Prefab Daksystemen BV in Hulst

Linex Prefab Daksystemen BV is dé specialist in duurzame kant-en-klare daken en daksystemen voor nieuwbouw en renovatie. Als een van de grootste aanbieders van prefab daksystemen in Nederland ontwikkelt en levert Linex ook maatwerk daken voor Nul-op-de-Meter (NoM) woningen en "Bijna EnergieNeutrale Gebouwen" (BENG). De mooiste en kwalitatief beste energiedaken worden gerealiseerd met behulp van frameloze geïntegreerde glas-glas zonnepanelen van TULiPPS in combinatie met bijpassende FAKRO dakramen.  

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PRIME: Prefab Integrated Multifunctional EnergyRoof (Dutch Press Release)

EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands - European legislation requires nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) for homes in 2020. In order to comply with this regulation, smart energy generation in the building skin is required, for instance integrated in pitched roofs. Newly developed PV module techology having invisible "plug-&-play" mounting functionality and smart electronics, mounted on highly insulated prefab roofs fitted with matching windows, enable significant performance improvements for nZEB buildings.

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Game-Changing BIPV Glass Building Skin Technology Gets First Demo Project in the Netherlands

EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS – The first demonstration of a game-changing building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) module technology for sloped roofs and cladding has been installed at the Solar Energy Application Centre (SEAC) research facility, Solar Beat located at the Eindhoven University of Technology (here). Completed in February, the 30-square-meter project consists of 30 small and large modules capable of 4.5-kW peak energy generation as well as 1.9-square meters of "dummy" panels to measure a variety of parameters. The demonstration project is both a real-world showcase allowing the building and solar industries to see the technology in operation, as well as a "laboratory" to run ongoing performance tests.
TULiPPS B.V. (parent of TULiPPS Solar B.V.), in cooperation with members of the SUMMIT and LiRoB consortia, has spent more than five years developing patent-pending frameless module technologies that enable the utilization of beautiful building skins that are cost-competitive with other roofing and cladding materials. The glass skins also offer the option of PV functionality to create energy-neutral buildings. The new PV module design provides superb aesthetics, high power output, the lowest installation and systems costs, and the lowest carbon footprint on the market today.


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