PRIME: Prefab Integrated Multifunctional EnergyRoof (Dutch Press Release)

EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands - European legislation requires nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) for homes in 2020. In order to comply with this regulation, smart energy generation in the building skin is required, for instance integrated in pitched roofs. Newly developed PV module techology having invisible "plug-&-play" mounting functionality and smart electronics, mounted on highly insulated prefab roofs fitted with matching windows, enable significant performance improvements for nZEB buildings.

A consortium of specialized companies: Linex Prefab Daksystemen BV, Fakro Nederland BV, Femtogrid Energy Solutions BV, IBC Solar BV and TULiPPS Solar BV announce their cooperation for PRefab Integrated Multifunctional Energyroofs "PRIME". The consortium targets high volume manufacturing of tailor-made design energy roofs. The advantage for users is a better, more pleasing and more efficient energy roof and more comfortable nZEB home without those traditional, ugly, solar panels.

The PRIME cooperation project has received € 1,117 million subsidy from the Dutch Ministry "RVO", Program national EZ subsidies: Renewable Energy 2015.